Wednesday, December 30, 2009

brilliant maternity photographers

Here are a few images from our maternity shoot with Kimberley Bee & Kimberley Jarman. They are such a great team, I absolutely love my photographs. Kim Bee did the shoot and she was brilliant, such a wonderful eye. If you do a shoot with her let her do whatever she wants, you will not be disappointed. And Kim Jarman helped us pick out the best photos. Just gorgeous, I don't think I have any photos of me and my husband that have been this beautiful, unique and timeless. I love these ladies and cannot wait for the newborn shoot once our little guy is born. Thank you so much Kim B & Kim J.

z is for zebra

And Z is the end of my alpha animals! All 26 stitched by hand, small and lightweight for the little guy to hold at any age. We'll display them on a set of small mantel shelves in his room.

Now that they are all finished I've thought about adding a last little stitch on each animal. Branding them with the letter they stand for. How cute would that be.

y is for yak

x is for x-ray fish

I tried to find another animal that starts with X to use, as x-ray fish is the norm you see on just about all animal alphabet posters. But, I think he was more fun to stitch because of the bones.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

W is for Whale

And our kitty, Little Bit, on the window sill in the background.

V is for viper

Wow, December went by in a blur. But my alphabet animals are just about done.

Friday, December 4, 2009

couple of onesies

I posted about a number of white onesies I acquired and wanted to print or stitch something on. Here are a couple of the white onesies now revamped.

Wood block K handprinted
These are a couple of DIY screen prints. Found how to make these on about a year or so ago. Made from an embroidery circle, fine nylon and modge podge. Just paint on the nylon with the modge podge everywhere you don't want the ink to go through. Once it's dry have a friend help hold down the screen while you scrape the ink over your design with a piece of board. It's a fun way to do simple screen prints like the two shown.

The turtle is an older screen print i printed on the bottom of the surf board onesie.

This is a silhouette of Dusten copied and printed. Then stitched "little guy" on it to show our little guy will be the spittin' image of his daddy.

baby shower bits

Dusten and I didn't decorate much for the baby shower but here are a few images from that day. We kept the same colors as what we're working on in the baby's room, gray, aqua-blue and orange. And the theme was planes, trains and automobiles. But the baby's room theme will be more surfer like.

u is for urchin

i had no idea how this little guys was going to

screen o rama at a.ware

These lovely ladies of a.ware studio, part of Alchemy Studio, do a screen-o-rama every year. You can buy a shirt, or bring your own, and pick from their awesome screens to print with. I brought a shirt for all three of us and did a set in one color. Love our little set.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

t is for turtle

This little guy was a bit tricky with the way his shell worked. I didn't use any patterns or illustrations besides the ones from my own sketchbook. So many of these little animals start out one shape then change a bit during the stitching.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

kimberly bee

My husband and I got so lucky to have this incredible photographer, Kimberly Bee, booked to do our bellé to baby photographs. These are some of my favorites from her blog. Go see all of her photos they are all just gorgeous. The first shots on Kim's blog are my good friend Laura's wedding photos. Our "belly session is in just about a week, and we can't wait. :)

s is for salmon

Alaskan Salmon, yum. Hope to take the little guy up fishing in a few years.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

r is for rabbit

Choose to go back to basics for R. Why not, he's cute. Seems like I've breezed through that last four or five letters in the alphabet. But the upcoming T is going to be tricky.

q is for quail

I love the way this quail came out. Think I'll have to make a few more as Christmas tree decor. Well, once I have a Christmas tree anyway.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

m is for moose

I switched monkey for moose and snake for salmon to bring some wild animals I saw a lot of in my home state of Alaska. Love my little moose.

Friday, November 6, 2009

alphabet prints

Searching for ideas to put in the baby room months ago, first thing was an alphabet of some kind. Animals are always a great choice. Of course I found a bunch of these in different places months ago before I came up with doing the set of hand stitched animals. I just forgot to save the links. But here are some of the favorites I found with links to them.

Found this print at Little Baby Company. But also found it originally came from Petit Collage. Which also has some other great prints.

Something a little vintage looking. Found this vibrant print at byGraviela.
Found this beautiful print at Fawn & Forest and I think I've seen it many other times on other blogs here and there. Love that they used a unicorn for U.Just recently came across this one. From PushMePullYou Design.

l is for lion

Happy Friday. This little lion is only about 6 inches long while the little guy is over 14 now, and kicking all the time.

There is a jar of all the scraps from cutting out each animal. The plan for Thanksgiving weekend is to create a soft play pad out of all those unique scraps. Can't wait. But this weekend is the baby shower and I've got special projects ready for that. Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

j is for jellyfish

Hehe. I have a feeling that this little guys tentacles and arms will be partially pulled off a year from now.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

23 onesies

Ooooh got some project ideas flowing. I received 21 used onesies from a coworker who had twins a little over a year ago. They run from newborn to 12 months. And two more newborn onesies from grandma. :) So this will be the start of the onesies project.

finished baby shower invite

I'm overall pretty happy with the way my invites turned out. It wasn't quite as pictured in my head but it was still fun to work on and each was slightly different which made then really unique. The colors are the same as the baby room, a blue-green teal and gray with orange accents.

Now to hopefully get the projects for the baby shower done. Those include spray painting of little wood and metal cars, trucks, planes, and boats for decor. Tough part is trying to find cheap enough toys.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

where the wild things are

Who didn't love this book growing up. This book was a favorite of mine when I was little and is a must on my list to get the baby. And now with the movie out, which I cannot wait to see, it just looks so beautifully done. I found this wonderful blog of illustrators and artist works inspired by Maurice Sendak's illustrations from the book. Below are some of my favorites from the blog Terrible Yellow Eyes.

Friday, October 23, 2009

i is for iguana

invite first color

I wasn't too happy about the ink I used. A water-based speedball brand ink I got at the art store. The print came out a bit messy then originally planned. But not too shabby for haven't done a lino-cut in about five years and with a homemade press. It was a wonderful feeling to be back into a print studio again.

inking the first block.

finnshed printed invites

The home made press. Made from the directions of a Readymade Magazine published a few years ago. We don't have a place for it just yet so it's sitting on my husbands computer desk.

h is for hippo

He could almost pass for a rhino too. hehe.