Friday, December 4, 2009

couple of onesies

I posted about a number of white onesies I acquired and wanted to print or stitch something on. Here are a couple of the white onesies now revamped.

Wood block K handprinted
These are a couple of DIY screen prints. Found how to make these on about a year or so ago. Made from an embroidery circle, fine nylon and modge podge. Just paint on the nylon with the modge podge everywhere you don't want the ink to go through. Once it's dry have a friend help hold down the screen while you scrape the ink over your design with a piece of board. It's a fun way to do simple screen prints like the two shown.

The turtle is an older screen print i printed on the bottom of the surf board onesie.

This is a silhouette of Dusten copied and printed. Then stitched "little guy" on it to show our little guy will be the spittin' image of his daddy.

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  1. I tried the screenprinting with Mod Podge recently and it was SO FUN. Yours are cute!