Monday, April 26, 2010

the mobile

I've been trying to find a great mobile to put in little Kael's room. Something very modern, simple, well designed, colors that match his room... etc. but also something decently priced. But alas all the mobiles i love are way passed my dollar. So im going to make what I want. Here are a few I found for some inspiration:

Love love love theses Puka Puka mobiles. Beautifully made, and very unique.

These bamboo mobiles from Petit collage are so cute. But I'd like to put something directly above his crib for him. You'd have to look at this from the side to truly enjoy it.

The verity in the color in these frazier and wing mobiles is just wonderful.


My materials: felt cut into round shapes, bamboo pieces from a broken placemat, string and thread.

And.... after a couple of tries and re-designs. I'm so picky.

Kael's Mobile. Soft and bright just for him. the felt changed shape with the weight and did some cool things. And he enjoys it.

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